Mommy, Can Uncle Jimmy Suck My Pee-Pee?

Scrolling through blogs, I came across this post.  I would like to preface before I even begin my argument that I am wholly against child pornography, and do not condone it in any way.

Many of us concur that pornography is contextual: an advertisement for PeTA is not considered pornographic, albeit the fact that the models are nude.  Remove the tagline and the company, however, and the image can be construed as something slightly more than suggestive.

This measure of context also extends to culture and religion.  For example, Americans would consider Eurobeach to be a voyeuristic pornographic site.  Upon hearing this, the women that appear on this site would laugh in your face: a topless beach is a regular occurrence, something hardly worth a second glance.

So let me pose this question: How would you view a culture in which young boys, aged 10 to about 20, fellated older, married men?  The Etoro, a people that inhabit Papua, New Guinea, believe that heterosexuality is a necessary evil; sleeping with women is necessary for procreation, however by transferring life force (semen) to women, they lead to the depletion of their life force.  However, transferring their life force to boys helps strengthen them, giving them masculinity and endurance.  Indeed, the beginning of this act of insemination coincides with the beginnings of puberty, with manifestations of hair, deeper voices, stronger, more able bodies.  The life force is passed orally, as the boys bring men to ejaculation and subsequently ingest the ejaculate.  The most interesting aspect of these mores is that none of the boys have any negative psychological impact.  In fact, socially speaking, homosexuality is much more accepted than heterosexuality.

Acts of heterosexuality are confined to anywhere between 105 to 160 days a year, depending on crops.  Moreover, these acts are confined to the forest, away from crops, gardens, and the longhouses in which the Etoro live, removing heterosexuality from society.  The punishment received for disobeying these prohibitions include poor yield from crops, failed projects, and not catching game (prohibitive time frames are parallel to planting and growing crops, planting and felling trees, building homes, hunting seasons, and trading seasons).  For the same reason that copulation is forbidden, acts of homosexuality are encouraged.  Although men are weakening themselves by giving away their life force, by transferring it to boys they are making the boys more manlike, and are ensuring high crop yield and the flourishing of their garden (a result of homosexual acts committed in a garden).

Is this considered child molestation?  If someone were to videotape these happenings and post them on the web, would it be considered child pornography?  Are these children too young to engage in such sexual activities?  How does one explain the lack of psychological harm?

In my opinion, this is not child molestation, and the boys are not too young to experience giving fellatio within this society.  Because this is viewed as normal within the Etoro society, the children remain psychologically sound – they do not see something wrong with them; they do not feel abused.  I do feel, however, that if an outsider views these acts, he/she would misconstrue it as molestation, or take it to be child pornography.

I am open to other opinions.


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